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Ceramic ox head by Janicke Ebbing

Head: stoneware clay

Horns: raku


Sculpture: 27.000,-

5% tax: 1.350,-

Total: 28.350,-


Janicke Ebbing (b. Oslo, 1957) makes sculptures in stoneware. She lets us into the world of animals with a focus on giving them personality and soul. Each sculpture is unique and can be seen as a counterweight to hunting trophies. They are created with a deep respect for the animals' uniqueness and the beauty, humor and dignity of what wildlife gives us.


In her work, Janicke has her own ability to give the animals a look and expression so that we can meet them as personal individuals. She is gripped by the mood of the tired dog, the proud deer or the arrogant elk. Within her genre, she represents the best in craftsmanship and artistic expression.


She often uses copper - and iron oxides and often blue, green or turquoise glaze. Sometimes she deviates from pure stonework and makes her objects in raku, an ancient Japanese burning technique where coincidences in the formation of the surfaces become an important part of the expression.


Ebbing has a degree from the Norwegian School of Arts, Crafts and Design (SHKS) and the National Collage and Art and Design in Dublin. She has had numerous exhibitions and has been purchased by a number of institutions and collectors.

Ceramic ox head - Janicke Ebbing

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