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"Jenter med vind i håret" by Tor Arne Moen. 


Dimensions: 81x66cm (incl frame)

Edition: 39/145


Artwork: 4.000,-

5% Tax: 200,-

Frame: 2.250,-

Total: 6.450,-


Tor Arne Moen (b. 1966) is a Norwegian painter, graphic artist and author. He lives in Notodden, with a studio in Hydroparken. He is a member of Norwegian Visual Artists, the Norwegian Writers' Association, and Norwegian Graphic Artists. As for the graphic artist Moen, he made his debut at the Autumn Exhibition with a woodcut version of the motif of On Overgrown Paths in 1994. In the years that followed, he built up his own workshop for the production of color woodcuts. He developed a method with many printing plates and thick layers of color, which gave a saturated surface with a picturesque touch.

"Jenter med vind i håret" - Tor Arne Moen

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