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Naturtro rådyrhode i hønsenetting, laget av Eka Acosta. 

Hodet måler ca 76 cm på fra øverst på geviret, til nederst på halsen. En håndlaget design-piece! Eka Acosta er anerkjent på det internasjonole kunstmarkedet, les mer om Eka her:


"Eka Acosta, was born in Paris 1970, and grew up in Buenos Aires. After working with design and interior design in Argentina and Paraguay, he decided to dedicate himself to art and study in Europe. His travels led him to Stockholm, where he has been living now for the last ten years. During this time his passion for sculpting made him discover his favorite technique: forming and shaping wire metal net.

From London to Paris via Stockholm his reputation is unparalleled. His subtle attention to details, his patience and skillfulness and varied experience in forming animals in metal net are some of the secrets to his success.

He has a talent to catch the natural movement of the animals he shapes. The elegance, charm and character of each individual, sculpted in real life size, is enhanced by the transparency of the material. This creating a sense of observing the animal from various angles at the same time, inviting us to look and look again…"

- Jean Ploteau

Rådyrhode i hønsenetting

  • Prisen inkluderer 5% kunstavgift til BKH.

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